As Nova Scotia becomes more culturally diverse, we all need to learn how to welcome and work with newcomers from around the world.
This Cultural Understanding workshop is an introductory workshop that will help you to build your:

  • understanding of challenges faced by new immigrants
  • ability to welcome and support new immigrants
  • cultural competence in working alongside new immigrants

Please join us as we take a journey and look at life in Canada from a different perspective, put ourselves in another's shoes and explore ways in which we can be more welcoming in our communities.

laura atkinsonLaura Atkinson is a Rural Settlement Counsellor based in Bridgewater. She supports and connects immigrants in the area to settle, find employment, get language training and integrate in the community.











gina moynanGina Moynan is an immigrant from London, England who arrived in Nova Scotia in August 2011. She has worked for ISIS setting up both the Temporary Foreign Worker Support Program and the Rural Settlement Program.

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