This practical workshop will provide participants with an opportunity to share best practices in job development through brainstorming solutions to common scenarios that job developers encounter in their workplaces. Workshop facilitators will also share their findings from decades of accumulated experience and interviews with seasoned job developers in HRM.

AnnaMcBethAnna McBeth is the team lead for employment specialists at ISIS in Nova Scotia. She began her career at NovaKnowledge in 2004 researching immigration policy and its impact on the economy. At ISIS, Anna has helped hundreds of immigrant job seekers build a new home in Nova Scotia by arranging quality job placements at a wide variety of employers. Anna has a Master’s degree in Education and has completed multiple courses in career development.






Mohja Alia is the manager of the Employment and Bridging Team at ISIS in Nova Scotia. She has worked with immigrants for over 15 years, initiating and coordinating a variety of innovative employment and pre-employment programs, including using online and web-based technologies and offering services to immigrants both pre and post arrival. Mohja sits on a number of provincial and National Committees related to workforce integration and has presented at conferences, symposiums and workshops on labour market attachment for immigrants.

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