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Experience an innovative career clarification game

Who You Are MATTERS!, and learn new narrative tools for managing your career for the future
"From  Insecurity and Doubt to Hope and Confidence"

Leading up to his keynote talk, Mark Franklin will facilitate two learning experiences within one pre-conference session, to help you understand the dynamics of a narrative framework that’s creating a new language for career management.
A highly interactive discovery experience, Who You Are MATTERS! sidesteps traditional assessments and workshops, freeing participants to think, feel and say who they are, what they want and what’s important to them. Used successfully with post-secondary students and in organizational teambuilding, the game gets people talking, taking a serious topic and putting a fun spin on it. You’ll experience how the game turns micro-narratives into a marvelous one page career & life mosaic, and results in a substantive Career Statement. You’ll interact with peers to identify unique strengths and desires, generate new career ideas, and increase trust and collaboration.  
Both the game and the CareerCycles evidence-based, method of practice draw on the same holistic, narrative framework used by more than 200 career professionals across Canada, US and Europe. After the game experience, you’ll see a short demonstration of the innovative processes and tools and then experience it yourself. You’ll hear first-hand experience about creating and using this method to gather and organize elements from client stories, and to empower your clients to be profoundly receptive to clues, to take inspired action, and to recognize meaningful moments, pivot, embrace and fully explore them.
Join us and learn how this narrative framework's tools and interventions, including the game, balance structure with flexibility and professional judgment, and empower you to listen in new ways to clients' stories. Leave the session feeling more confident and excited about your practice.

Facilitated by Tim Merry, Change Leader at
Graphic Recording by Marguerite Drescher at

An interactive plenary session has been built into the conference this year and will be a refreshing and exploratory experience not to be missed. The format will engage the entire group in mini and full room conversations about what’s going on in our field, what we can do to make the most of our learning when we are together and what we can do to implement positive changes upon our return to the workplace.  
Please come prepared to challenge your assumptions, take responsibility for what you care about and be open for honest dialogue with professionals in various roles in the field of Career Development.
Tim Merry will help guide the session while setting a tone for positive and real conversation in a dynamic atmosphere. His colleague Marguerite Drescher, visual artist and graphic recorder will help capture the important themes in our conversations.

About the Facilitator

Tim Merry – Change Leader

Tim Merry BWTim Merry has been supporting diverse stakeholders to come together to launch, sustain and grow innovative initiatives for over 14 years. He has extensive
experience, ranging from major international businesses and government agencies to local communities and regional collaboratives. All of his work is rooted in the belief that if we create the right conditions people will organize together and solve their own problems. Tim designs, delivers and trains tailor made processes where stakeholder voice is key to creating the systems, structures and services that meet the needs of all involved.
Tim is one of the co-founders of the Art of Hosting, has been a supporter and board member of the Berkana Institute and is a co-founder of the Hub South Shore. He founded the Split Rock Learning Centre, a youth drop in centre in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and was one of the founders of Engage! InterAct in the Netherlands. He is currently part of an entrepreneurial collaborative, working with large-scale citizen engagement and systems change initiatives.

"…The complexity of the challenges we face, the speed of change and the uncertainty of our times demand we see a bigger picture that none of us could see alone. We must work together to intelligently plan and effectively execute actions that have far reaching impact. "   – Tim Merry

Facilitated by Sarah Delicate

The measures in your “outcome based performance measurement framework” are not the only numbers you need to be paying attention to. While this is the math of compliance, what is the math behind our mission/vision/mandate? What is the math of human behaviour? What math does the client bring to the table?

delicateThis workshop explores what modern research tells us about influencing positive outcomes within our service setting. From our marketing and intake right through to our follow ups, nothing that we do has a neutral impact on the math of our performance. How can you best align your efforts?

gail godreauFacilitated by Gail Godreau

To have personal and professional fulfillment, we need to first DISCOVER where we stand and what we want to achieve. Then we can set a course and GROW into our desired future. This presentation gives an overview of the Six Dimensions of Wellness and how you can create a life that INTEGRATES them so you can advance your life with intention and directionality, and with regard to the WHOLE person. This "Whole-Life Wellness" approach will benefit Career Development Practitioners and your clients as they make career and life decisions.

Gail Godreau is a Wellness Consultant, Coach and Speaker who understands “the business of wellness”. She has an MBA, 20+ years of business experience, and a drive for “Helping Organizations THRIVE by Helping their People THRIVE!”

Life happens, and then you get to choose. Whether coping with major life changes, struggling with personal trauma and setbacks or confronting a disease diagnosis, the challenge is the same: How do you roll with the hit and get on with the joy of living and business of making a difference? In this interactive presentation, Peter shares an intimate and humorous journey of how he successfully moved though a devastating diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease at age 45 to believe in love again and become a first time Dad.

PeterDavisonPeter Davison shares heartwarming and practical strategies with audiences eager to grow forward through adversity by holistically engaging four dimensions of what it means to be authentically human in otherwise vexing transitions.

This practical workshop will provide participants with an opportunity to share best practices in job development through brainstorming solutions to common scenarios that job developers encounter in their workplaces. Workshop facilitators will also share their findings from decades of accumulated experience and interviews with seasoned job developers in HRM.

AnnaMcBethAnna McBeth is the team lead for employment specialists at ISIS in Nova Scotia. She began her career at NovaKnowledge in 2004 researching immigration policy and its impact on the economy. At ISIS, Anna has helped hundreds of immigrant job seekers build a new home in Nova Scotia by arranging quality job placements at a wide variety of employers. Anna has a Master’s degree in Education and has completed multiple courses in career development.






Mohja Alia is the manager of the Employment and Bridging Team at ISIS in Nova Scotia. She has worked with immigrants for over 15 years, initiating and coordinating a variety of innovative employment and pre-employment programs, including using online and web-based technologies and offering services to immigrants both pre and post arrival. Mohja sits on a number of provincial and National Committees related to workforce integration and has presented at conferences, symposiums and workshops on labour market attachment for immigrants.

This presentation will look at how to close the job gap for African Canadians and First nation males as they navigate the minefield of finding work and careers in Canada and, in particular, Nova Scotia. This process begins with how we approach and connect with these men in the organizations in which we work within. With the many messages that we receive today in the dominant media culture often where we are working from cripples us from providing the very best service possible when we connect with youth in search of employment in an economy that is struggling to understand where we go from here.

CaroleSandyCarole Sandy’s career in the field of education and counselling spans over 10 years. She has worked in post-secondary education, serving as Manager of Enrolment services, Student Success Counsellor, Academic Advisor and an Admissions Coordinator at major post-secondary institutions. In addition, she has counselled and coached Master level students on course sequencing, international exchanges and specializations, and has effectively advised and evaluated applicants, both domestic and international.  With a Master of Counselling graduate degree, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her work. In the last two years, she has worked as a counsellor with domestic violence victims and offenders. Her training in narrative and solution focus counselling allowed her to assist clients in creating a new voice to help them find their way out of hurt, shame and frustration.

Based on findings from a qualitative study of 100 adults aged 23-30 from across Canada, this session focuses on how chaos and complexity theory can help us understand the often circuitous and unpredictable pathways followed by many high school graduates. Six career design principles will be discussed that can assist counsellors to engage young people in the process of career planning that is proactive, while acknowledging that career pathways may change in response to many different internal and external factors.

CathyCampbellCathy Campbell has over 20 years’ experience working in government, school and post-secondary settings. Her presentation is based on her PhD work that investigated the career pathways of 100 young adults after high school graduation.

Social media is a great tool for job seekers and it’s important that Career Development Professionals be equally well connected. Learn to effectively use platforms such as Twitter & LinkedIn to build your social community and form a solid online presence. Join this lively discussion about building social credit and the advantages of creatively interacting with employers.

MatthewGuyMatthew Guy develops and facilitates unique learning sessions in Truro. He is very fond of employing technology in new and innovative ways. He also wrote this bio entirely in third person! Follow him on Twitter @matthewkguy.

Did you know that 3 out of 4 Nova Scotians can access Career Cruising for free? See how career Cruising 2.0 enables synchronization of the efforts of career development facilitators, students, educators, trainers, parents, spouses, adult career seekers, employers-whole communities to enhance career development for most Nova Scotians. With its online Individual Pathways Plan and Parent and Partner Portals, ccSpringboard is now accessed daily by 100,000 Canadians. ccInspire now brings employers, career coaches and mentors, and work-based learning to students, from grade 6 through post-secondary, and adults. Come and see the very latest developments at Career Cruising first hand.

PhilJarvisPhil Jarvis advocates “whole-community” collaboration on career development. He authored CHOICES, co-authored the Blueprint for Life/Work Designs and co-created The Real Games Series. He has trained thousands of counsellors, career practitioners and workforce development specialists.

As we know, many of our recent graduates have been leaving Nova Scotia in search of opportunities elsewhere. In this presentation, we will discuss the success of our pilot program LAUNCH, the importance of helping recent graduates in their job search and how there is a need for specialized programs. The LAUNCH program offers recent graduates the opportunity to learn about different aspects of their job search, including Skills Inventory, Self-Assessment, different materials, accessing the hidden job market, how to prepare for job interviews, and the important role networking plays in the modern job search, while continuously building their self-confidence.

PhilipCantrillPhillip Cantrill is the Lead Workshop Facilitator at Job Junction. He has currently created and facilitated the LAUNCH Program, a program to help Recent Graduates become Job Ready.

The NSCDA is excited to introduce Nova Scotian Career Development Practitioners to its new Voluntary Certification Project, and to provide an orientation to the certification process.  This session will provide an overview of the project's history, explain the benefits of becoming a Certified Career Development Practitioner, outline the requirements for certification, and provide a detailed explanation of the certification process. This is your chance to explore becoming a Certified Career Development Practitioner, and to have all your questions answered about this new and exciting opportunity.

PaulaRomanowPaula Romanow is the Project Co-ordinator / Registrar with the NSCDA's Voluntary Certification Project. She holds an MAEd in Adult Education, a PhD in Communication and has over 15 years' experience working in community development, and not-for-profit governance.

In this workshop, trainees will be introduced to Solution Focused Career Counselling, a strengths-based, client directed approach to career counselling. Participants will learn what 50 years of research has demonstrated- results in effective helping conversations. While this workshop is an introduction, trainees will leave with ideas and skills that can make an immediate difference in their work with career clients.

Richard Hamilton is Solution-Focused Counsellor and Trainer with nearly 20 years of experience. While he works with a wide range of counselling issues, he specializes in working with Canadian Forces members who are transitioning into civilian employment due to injury or disease.  Richard’s upbeat and humorous presentation style is always a favorite.

It is easier to keep your job then find a new one! This is particularly true for persons with disabilities. Come and try out some of our proven strategies and techniques for not only clients, but also for employers. This interactive workshop will look at building strong employer relationships and educating employers and co-workers; onsite workplace analysis; access to an experienced and well trained crisis team and ongoing client and employer support.

MarcusJamiesonMarcus Jamieson has over 15 years of experience supporting adults with various disabilities and mental health issues. Marcus has worked closely with various health care systems as a family advocate, providing intervention and supports to individuals with complex needs.






LloydThomasLloyd Thomas has been a member of the Employment Maintenance Services team since 2011. He brings with him valuable experience as a Frontline Support Worker for various community services, particularly those involving youth in crisis throughout HRM.






MatthewJamiesonMatthew Jamieson has been working with persons with disabilities since 2004. He worked in community inclusive focused agencies from 2004-2008, supporting clients to pursue and achieve their social and employment goals. He has also worked in small options homes for persons with disabilities.

Do you know what creates this unique, distinct, and evolving profession we are in? What should be guiding us as career professionals in helping people find a job or direction in life/work?  This presentation will examine the importance of knowing and utilizing career theories in our practice.  It will offer people the opportunity to engage with others through dialogue and a career theories game and case study.

ClarenceDeSchiffartClarence De Schiffart, M.Ed. (Counselling), R.S.W., works as the Coordinator of Career and Essential Skills Services at the Nova Scotia Community College.  His educational and work experience is in counselling and outdoor recreation.  He is one of content experts behind NSCC's Careers in Gear.

Put your hand up if you’ve ever used labour market information. Now, keep your

hand up if you think you’ve got more to learn — you’re probably not alone. Come find out how to

maximize your use of labour market information. In this session, you’ll learn about recent changes to

Careers Nova Scotia and other LMI resources, tips and tricks in using LMI, and what has been happening

in the provincial job market.

Facilitated by Jeremy Neily

Jeremy Neily is a Senior Economist and Manager with the Department of Labour and

Advanced Education, where he oversees labour market information resources (Careers Nova Scotia),

and research and analysis on the labour market.

As Nova Scotia becomes more culturally diverse, we all need to learn how to welcome and work with newcomers from around the world.
This Cultural Understanding workshop is an introductory workshop that will help you to build your:

  • understanding of challenges faced by new immigrants
  • ability to welcome and support new immigrants
  • cultural competence in working alongside new immigrants

Please join us as we take a journey and look at life in Canada from a different perspective, put ourselves in another's shoes and explore ways in which we can be more welcoming in our communities.

laura atkinsonLaura Atkinson is a Rural Settlement Counsellor based in Bridgewater. She supports and connects immigrants in the area to settle, find employment, get language training and integrate in the community.











gina moynanGina Moynan is an immigrant from London, England who arrived in Nova Scotia in August 2011. She has worked for ISIS setting up both the Temporary Foreign Worker Support Program and the Rural Settlement Program.

Put your hand up if you’ve ever used labour market information. Now, keep your hand up if you think you’ve got more to learn — you’re probably not alone. Come find out how to maximize your use of labour market information. In this session, you’ll learn about recent changes to
Careers Nova Scotia and other LMI resources, tips and tricks in using LMI, and what has been happening in the provincial job market.

Jeremy Neily is a Senior Economist and Manager with the Department of Labour and Advanced Education, where he oversees labour market information resources (Careers Nova Scotia), and research and analysis on the labour market.

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