mark franklin speakerFrom  Insecurity and Doubt to Hope and Confidence

Evidence of Positive Outcomes Using a Holistic  Narrative Method
Clients often come to career professionals from a place insecurity and doubt, yet these emotional states can be  barriers toward meaningful and positive outcomes. In career dialogues, how can worry and negativity be transformed to hope and optimism? How can we nudge insecurity and doubt toward resilience and confidence?
The CareerCycles narrative method of practice has demonstrated exciting research results that show statistically significant increases in validated scales of hope, optimism, resilience, confidence (collectively, “psychological capital”), curiosity & exploration, and personal growth. These increases are correlated with higher career clarity, job satisfaction and job alignment.
Developed by Mark Franklin, this holistic method of practice is grounded in elements of narrative, happenstance, positive psychology and constructivist approaches and has been used with  over 3500 diverse clients of all ages and stages, and  has been embraced by 200+ career professionals. Drawing on his client interactions and his role as Career Buzz radio show host, Mark will recount real career stories, full of twists and turns, that illustrate how this effective and published model is used to transform career and life choices.
Hear quantitative and qualitative results, and understand the benefits and dynamics of a framework that’s creating a new language for career management, and supporting a move toward evidence-based practice. Leave inspired with new ideas for you or your team, to enrich your research and practice.



Mark Franklin,M.Ed.,P.Eng.,CMF, is practice leader of CareerCycles, a career management social enterprise with 3500+ clients across Canada. Mark created the CareerCycles narrative framework and method of practice, and has trained 200+ professionals, many in postsecondary Career Centres. Mark developed the new Who You Are MATTERS! career and life clarification game, and produces and hosts Career Buzz radio – he has interviewed over 300 radio guests including Dragon’s Den star, Arlene Dickinson and career experts Norm Amundson, Barbara Moses and John Krumboltz. Active in the career community, Mark’s perspectives have appeared in The Globe and Mail and Toronto Star, as a guest blogger at ContactPoint and CCPA’s Counselling Connect, and as a writer, most recently in a chapter of Career Development Practice in Canada. Prior to founding CareerCycles, Mark helped thousands of post-secondary students connect the dots between their education and career, as a career counsellor in two of Canada’s largest universities, drawing on his earlier career and experiences in  engineering and management consulting.

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